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  • The Power of 8

    The Power of 8
  • The Courage To Be Authentic

    The Courage To Be Authentic
  • A Free Pat On Your Back

    A Free Pat On Your Back
  • The Magic of Solitude

    The Magic of Solitude
  • When Change Knocks At Your Door

    When Change Knocks At Your Door
  • Wellness Begins From The Inside Out

    Wellness Begins From The Inside Out
  • Your Motivation and Your Tribe

    Your Motivation and Your Tribe

A Decade of Birth, Growth & Change

This time of year always lends itself to moments of reflection and life review especially when you hear the words ‘end of a decade’. When you start to think back getting through a decade is no small feat. For me personally, the first thing that comes to mind when looking back to these past ten years is how much has happened and changed. In the end, there’s always something to be thankful for. This decade will always have a special meaning for me. I gave birth to One Style at a Time! I conceived it all on my own and created every idea, visual concept, wording, post idea and every nook and cranny that goes into publishing a blog that is now eight years and nine months old. It has taught me so much over the years and it has pushed my writing skills, creative capacity, tested my patience, kept…

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4 Life Lessons from the Canvas

No one said it would be simple or easy. No one said the quest to finding answers would be a walk in the park. Over a year ago I decided to revisit one of my creative passions which since I was a child was art and painting. It had been an incredibly long time since I had worked with any type of art medium. Back in 2018, while facing some very personal challenges it just felt like the right time to go for it and throw creative caution to the wind. I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain. Since then I have been building more of a relationship with my easel and paintbrushes. These days, I consider myself an intuitive painter. For those that don’t understand the concept, it’s a form of creative freedom and self-expression that includes allowing your inner voice and personal energy to guide…

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9 Reasons Why Number Nine is Important

We are officially halfway through the month of September and very soon we will begin feeling dips in the temperatures and the crisp autumn leaves will begin changing colors. Once upon a time when I was a fashion blogger, the fall season was such a busy time of the year. Lots of running around between fashion shows and the mad rush of getting content published everywhere online. Fall is still my favorite time of the year for the same reasons it might be for many. For example, the temperatures, the earth tones and the upcoming holiday season. It’s all about change and the key word in the air is transformation! And speaking of changes, if you read my latest newsletter “A Time of Metamorphosis”,  then you’re up to date with the shift in topics that I am looking forward to discussing and placing some focus on going forward, all in the…

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Surfing Through Life Lessons of Change

Here we are, officially halfway into the summer with already 215 days accounted for on the 2019 calendar. I’ve had many conversations with many that have experienced some type of significant change in their life lately. Most of the time changes we face are here to test our strength and patience. For so many, this year has brought circumstances that have made them step out of their comfort zones. Changes are uncomfortable but necessary to keep us evolving and growing. No one said it would be easy peasy right? Yet, somehow we get through it. It‘s when our lives become stagnant or complacent that we need to examine what needs to shift. At times, we chose to stay in the same old and that is usually when the universe pushes us to the edge just a little more. In the past couple of years and even months, I have had to encounter fast and big changes in my personal and professional life. So often we forget how far we have come and don’t give ourselves more credit or pat ourselves on the back. For now, I have taken some productive steps toward goals that I have had sitting in my back pocket. I have made the conscious effort to look for the signs and connect those dots. These things don’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to do the internal and external work. More of this in my next newsletter out now, with some a new special announcement. (sign up today so you don’t miss out)! A couple of months ago I was in Los Angeles on vacation and it was my first time visiting the City of Angels. I certainly enjoyed my time there and taking in the laid back and the casual setting was fun. But one of the moments that stood out for me was being at a few of the beaches in L.A. and seeing surfers riding the ocean…

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One Petal at a Time – Flowers and Their Superpowers

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.” ― Georgia O’Keefe Flowers have been around for ages and have had so much significance throughout history. From a young age, we are taught that to gift someone with flowers is a gesture of friendship, love, and respect. Of course, flowers can certainly be a symbol of romance and affection in a relationship. If you really think about it, they can be present from the time women give birth to the time we say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral. When words can do no more, nature steps in to express an emotion or a feeling. I have always found flowers appealing and so beautiful growing up but in the last several years they have taken a front row to many areas of my life.  I have a newfound respect…

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