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  • High Vibe with Clear Quartz Crystals

    High Vibe with Clear Quartz Crystals
  • 9 Reasons Why Number Nine is Important

    9 Reasons Why Number Nine is Important
  • One Petal at a Time – Flowers and Their Superpowers

    One Petal at a Time – Flowers and Their Superpowers
  • Shift Your Focus with Positive Affirmations

    Shift Your Focus with Positive Affirmations

7 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Energy At Home

The days and weeks have continued to move yet most of the world continues to stay home in quarantine. Although there has been so much change to our ‘normal routines’ there is also a sense of stagnation at home. Let’s talk about that stagnant energy. Everyone is doing what they can to manage their time and stay active in their own way. But if you have had days of lack of motivation or perhaps some emotional ups and downs you are not for one second alone. No one gave us a rulebook for how to quarantine. No one said it would be easy especially when you factor the amount of loss and heavy hearts all around the world. But staying home is the one contribution we can all participate in to avoid the spread of COVID-19. So for now, let’s work on boosting your mood and energy. It goes without…

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3 Ways to Find Balance During Self-Quarantine

It’s been well over a week ago when the world began to feel like it was imploding and so began the process of self-quarantine for many. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this entire experience has been filled with change, emotional challenges and most of all some level of fear. We are so conditioned to stay busy, keep moving, follow schedules, keep routines to the point of daily mental and physical exhaustion. So now, here we are. We are not being singled out as a city, state or nation. The entire world (except for essential workers) has been forced to pause and stay inside their homes. I can tell you from my experience the first few days seemed odd, but then again, nothing about this feels normal. Yet on some level, if you take the epidemic factor out of it, it seems like this retreat has been…

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High Vibe with Clear Quartz Crystals

Somewhere along my creative path of discovery and self-care, I came across new tools that would become a part of my everyday practice and lifestyle. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, this blog is navigating through new topics and I am excited to share them with you. So here goes! When I began learning more about meditation a few years back, I also became quite mesmerized and enamored by crystals and stones. Perhaps at first glance, they may just seem like plain old rocks that come in different colors and shapes. But as I began to study more about them I learned there was so much more to these pieces of our earth then met the eye. By nature I’m a very visual person, so anything with texture or colors has an appeal and like any girl, there was an attraction to things that sparkle and shine. As meditation and…

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4 Ways to Reduce Online Clutter & Get Your Time Back

Time is precious. Here we are at the starting point of the second month of the year. January put everyone as a collective through an emotional roller coaster ride. So it is fitting that at this time we do a little personal checking-in on ourselves and why not, on one another. Here is your reminder that when times get rough, give yourself a much deserved time out. Even if it means taking a walk, stepping away from your home, office space or just taking a few breaths. That in itself is a way of taking your power back. It’s important because if you don’t carve out those moments for yourself, they likely won’t happen on their own. Since the year has started with an influx of heavy news headlines, it’s a good time to assess and even curate how you receive information. Do you have a practice that helps you…

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A Decade of Birth, Growth & Change

This time of year always lends itself to moments of reflection and life review especially when you hear the words ‘end of a decade’. When you start to think back getting through a decade is no small feat. For me personally, the first thing that comes to mind when looking back to these past ten years is how much has happened and changed. In the end, there’s always something to be thankful for. This decade will always have a special meaning for me. I gave birth to One Style at a Time! I conceived it all on my own and created every idea, visual concept, wording, post idea and every nook and cranny that goes into publishing a blog that is now eight years and nine months old. It has taught me so much over the years and it has pushed my writing skills, creative capacity, tested my patience, kept…

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