Simplicity Is Always In Style

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”  ~ Leonardo Davinci. 

Those words couldn’t be more true. Fashion can certainly be fun and shaking things up is sometimes necessary by using some of today’s trends. Still when speaking to many women through the years about style what has lasting power is simplicity and elegance. Women have no problem investing their hard earned money on pieces that stand the test of time, (think dark blazer, white shirt, trench coat, black pumps/flats, LBD etc). Its undeniable that some of histories biggest fashion icons used their classic looks to their advantage. Looking for inspiration? Just Google Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. All of these women exemplified the meaning of classic style without staying matronly or monotonouss. They knew how to stay modern with looks that women of all walks of life could relate to even today. You’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more’ in this case we are not referring to less clothing and provocative sex appeal. It’s more about a dress that you wear and not that wears you or even just the right top and jeans that is clean and classic. That in itself is timeless and who doesn’t want to fall into that category. Fashionistas these days know what they want and know what labels or designers can provide that minimalist look. Our motto is taking fashion One Style at a Time so tell us darling readers, what are your favorite classic looks? Do you believe that simplicity works for everyone or are you more of a rule breaker? Keep scrolling and drop us a note! Your opinions and comments are the toast of the day!





Blumarine, Spring 2014
Jackie – Kate – Audrey

Flashback 40’s Style

It’s pretty clear that fashion is cyclical and that what was once ‘in fashion’ makes its way back somehow to our current times. Over and over we see how the influence of past decades makes a statement on the runway, inspires designers, stylists, makeup artists and even right at home in our closets. 

The 1940’s was an era of pure elegance and femininity. It was a time heightened by details such as accessories, austere makeup and luxury. The 40’s marked a special time not only in fashion but in cinema as well. Just think Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers and Veronica Lake just to name a very few from a very long list. Even today this era continues to inspire us and of course the higher fashion powers that be at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle etc. Models as well as fashion editors continue to channel 40’s fashion into their editorials (ex: Kate Moss for UK Vogue in 2011). 

So from Throwback Thursday to Fashion Friday we take a look back at some noteworthy 40’s fashion that even today continues to make us swoon! 

So One Style at a Time readers, are you a fan of 1940’s style? Is this an era that inspires your style?

Hello Summer Whites

Adios Polar Vortex and Hello Summer! That’s right Fashion lovelies, Summer is as of today officially here. The time has come to safely put away your wool winter coats, boots and boyfriend sweaters. By now you should have your flip flops ready for the beach, sunhats and your favorite pair of sunglasses on hand. Now nothing says summer like a classic white top, dress or slacks. Tis the season of the absence of color and the perfect opportunity to lighten your style a bit. By now you may have guessed that the Spring and Summer runway had plenty of white hot options. Indeed! From Nina Ricci, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino to Marchesa the options are endless and lets not categorize this as a trend. White is as classic in summer as black is in winter.

Don’t fret if you are not the go all white type of gal. You can play up the white with brights, patterns, animal prints, lace and the crowd favorite…black and white. The best thing about fashion is that if a color doesn’t flatter your figure or skin tone you can still play with it through accessories. Nothing is more fabulous than a great white, ivory or off white statement handbag or shoes. Wishing all the One Style at a Time a relaxing and fantastic Summer 2014! Scroll on down and tell if you are a fan of white during the warmer season. How do you incorporate classic white in your wardrobe? Any favorites below? 







From the vintage bunch!

Fashionable Notes With Paperless Post

What can be more endearing than receiving a personalized card addressed to you in the mail? Add a little fashion touch and you have the perfect moment for that special someone. Did you think the days of sending notes in the mail were long gone? Well then hold on to your stamps Fashionistas because today we are going to introduce you to a fabulous way to make someone’s day just a little more brighter.

Sure we live in a world of email, mobile apps, social media and text messages. Yet there is still a large audience that embraces the idea of hand written notes for birthdays, holidays, invitations, special events or just to say thank you. One Style at a Time is pleased to introduce you to a personal favorite, Paperless Post. Perhaps you are already familiar with their online stationary products. Paperless Post products can be found in both digital and in paper formats. What is even more exclusive and fabulous is the variety of fashion design partnerships they have available online. How would you like to own a high quality piece of stationary designed by Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade or their most recent design collaboration, J.Crew. The custom designs are fun, witty, classic or modern. Do you know anyone who is graduating, having a birthday, celebrating Father’s Day? Visit the site and browse through the many well styled and creative options today.You are sure to make a long lasting statement as you send your next special notecard!





Oscar de la Renta Floral Trellis I – Regent Blue

Custom PAPER Invitations by Paperless Post

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Spring Trend: Fringe Frenzy

Spring has officially arrived and as we countdown to the days of minimal layers and milder weather, lets review another hot trend for this season. Spring and Summer is going to be all about fringes. One after the other models strutted down the runway in some variety of fringed fashion. Designers like Valentino, Gucci, Altuzarra, Calvin Klein and Marchesa made sure we took notice of their garments. Mixed with leather, cutouts, florals, on jackets, pants, dresses and accessories it is no surprise that there is such an appeal to this flirty, feminine detail. Of course we have seen it before, yet once again it has been re-done in such a way that feels fresh all over again. That is why we are highlighting this as a HOT trend to consider.

So fellow Fashionistas, whether you shop online or in stores you are guaranteed to spot some form of fringes. Will you experiment this season a bit with this trend? Perhaps you already own something in a cute fringe and all you need is to tweak the style a bit. The fashion forum is open so tell us what you think about the fringe benefits this season.

Fringe Frenzy

Fringe Frenzy by One Style at a Time  featuring 

Minnie Rose outerwear / Schutz shoes / Rebecca Minkoff clutch / Pearl earrings