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  • The Beat Goes On: A Q&A With DJ BMIXD

    If you have been following along with the blog’s recent posts, then you are familiar with our conversations on how essential embracing your creative passions are. Although truth be told, sometimes life can take you in different directions and before you know it, you find yourself walking away from what you love to do. Those types of sacrifices also entail a lot of courage. But like an old friend, that calling comes knocking at your door once again and as if time never stopped the magic is back and better than ever. In the spirit of inspiration, today we bring you a special treat. A story about a hardworking, naturally talented DJ who early on in his life discovered what brought him personal joy and satisfaction. After experiencing some changes in his life and taking a hiatus from his passion, he is back and has reconnected with his good old friend, MUSIC. I was intrigued to learn more about how his personal journey so without further adieu, I introduce you to DJ BMIXD

    First of all, tell us how did your creative journey begin with DJing music and when did you know this was your passion? My creative journey began at the age of fifteen in Astoria, New York.  My next-door neighbor Edwin Romero (DJ Hostile) was an up and coming DJ and I had the pleasure of learning all about music genres, how to count beats, when / how to transition between songs from him. Funny story…before the first mixing dual CD players (Gemini & Numark) came into the market, we mixed music by connecting two PlayStations together and created our mix tapes. Eventually, they stopped working after spending countless hours practicing. It was then I realized my hobby was transitioning into a passion and I started to work for the best wedding companies in the Tri-State area. I wore many hats such as assisting as a roadie, photographer, DJ, and MC. As the years passed, I juggled a heavy schedule which included going to school, working a full-time job, and working 2-3 events on the weekends. This became my routine for fifteen years. I’ve performed +1,000 events, with an average guest count of between 75 – 150 guests, which means I played music for over 75,000 guests in my professional DJ career.  Many of whom became recurring clients and lifelong friends.  The route of my passion stems from the quote, “Play The Moments, Stop The Pain, Pause The Memories, and Rewind Happiness,” all of which are relatable on how music touches us on a personal level every day.  

    You took a break from your music and the DJ scene. What made you come back after five years and why did you feel now was the right time to do so? After 15 years of working weekends, missing family events, working a full-time job, and time away from my wife, it was time to take a break. Also, when I moved to Houston, TX, the events I booked were set up much differently compared to NYC and the hours were longer for the pay I was receiving. It was a tough decision, but I have no regrets. I continued to work on my passion (music) by uploading new mixes via music sites such as SoundCloud and Mixcloud. I took the extra time off to enjoy my weekends with family and friends. About seven months ago, I went through a rough time at work where I didn’t feel appreciated or utilized to the full potential of my abilities. I wanted to feel as though I was making a difference and find that happiness I once felt all those years before. I missed my passion and my soul was missing the expression of creativity through the art of music. I realized that I had allowed my passion to fade throughout the past five years and I wanted to feel fulfilled once more.  Since my return, I’m currently DJing at a Bar in Dallas called Bar Louie at Park Lane on Friday nights, rebranded with a new logo, and investing in my equipment.

    You were born and raised in New York and since then you’ve moved to Texas. What differences or similarities do you find between both cities and their music vibes? First, we have to appreciate how New York and Texas impacted music history in general. Both cities have been a center for musical innovation and artists for both hip-hop, rock, blues, etc. However, both cities have unique styles and influences. That being said, the vibe between both cities lean more towards being very similar than different. I’ve heard other DJ’s at clubs, private events, and learned that guests actually enjoy all genres of music whether it’s top 40’s, classic rock, 80’s & 90’s dance. Just by listening to other DJ’s flow throughout the night, I tell myself “yep that works well and I would have done the same”.  As long as the DJ understands the crowd, can transition well between songs, and play unique remixes, the end result is impactful. I did find that it’s hard to play certain genres of music that were very popular back home but not as much here where I currently live. In New York, I loved playing Old School Reggae (Shabba Ranks, Super Cat), Old School House (Conversation, Break For Love), and Freestyle (Judy Torres, Stevie B). Being in Texas (Dallas), I made a few attempts in these genres and people didn’t respond well or friends had no clue what they were hearing. The vibe I felt was “change this already”!

    What inspires your craft and your DJ mixes on Mixcloud? Prior to releasing new mixes on my Mixcloud page, it may take a few weeks to gather the right track/remix, flow, and inspiration before I finally record my session.  If the mix is not perfect, I’ll start over. My end goal is to share quality mixes for my audience. I take pride knowing that people are listening to my mixes while riding on train or bus, driving to work, working out, having a house party, summertime BBQs, etc. I want my followers to experience quality DJ mixes and come back for more.   

    Who are some of the music figures that you look up to? All music figures from around the world such as music producers, band group, solo artist, or DJs are inspiring because they are masters of their craft and wake up every morning loving what they do. But, if I had to name a few, I look up to Sted-e & Hybrid Heights, Marc Anthony, and Justin Timberlake. As far as who has inspired me to reconnect with my inner creativity and passion? Honestly, the DJs whom I’ve known my whole life that I follow on social media. They post amazing pictures and videos of their DJ services, produce authentic music, and know the feeling of going to bed at 3am and waking up 3 hours later to do it all over again. I’ve been in their shoes at one point in my life. These are the figures in my life who continue to inspire me each and every single day.

    What is your favorite part of the process of DJing? Aside from the adrenaline you feel when playing for a small group, a hundred, five hundred, or even a thousand people, I love discovering new music and remixes. I’ll spend hours researching, downloading new music from different sources, and think how I can incorporate them in my next event. Depending on the reaction or vibe from the crowd, some songs won’t make it two weeks in my playlist and I’ll delete them.      

    In your opinion What makes a good DJ? How has the DJing scene changed and evolved? This two part question excites and disappointments me at the same time. I’ll start out with the excitement first. Throughout the years, companies such as Numark, Denon, Pioneer, etc., innovated their technology to help enhance the creativity, workflow preparation, seamless functionality between softwares, for both music producers and club DJs. Those who adapt to the technology and innovate/enhance their skills will create a memorable experience for the crowd.  Now, with the advanced technology comes its flaws. Many individuals want to be a DJ to make a quick buck and use mobile apps such as PYRO, new beat syncing technology, auto transition, etc., which results in taking away the creative aspect of what DJing is all about.  I understand that new technology will attract new talent in the industry. However, this also attracts those that are not passionate for the art of mixing and what it takes to be professional. I highly encourage individuals that have a passion for music to attend their nearest DJ school and learn from a professional. Go online and research the different types of hardware, software, and watch “how to” videos and understand the time you’ll investment to become a professional. It took me a good 4 years to feel comfortable, and to be quite honest, I’m still learning. Another option is to find a good mentor and shadow them to a club or event. These are great learning opportunities to learn how to read a crowd, mixing techniques, playlists creation, etc. Overall, DJs we take pride in our work, the hustle we put into it, the investment in new equipment, and most importantly understand that DJing can mean sacrificing time with family and friends.  Being a DJ takes more than just push and play, or have the technology do the work for you.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us today DJ BMIXD. We are happy you are back and wish you much success on your music-filled journey! 

    You can find DJ BMIXD on Facebook and make sure you check out his mixes on MixCloud.


    Embrace the Scenic Route

    Road trips can be full of fun and excitement with the anticipation of reaching a brand new destination ahead. Your vehicle is all packed with essentials, the music playlist is ready to go and you’re on your way! “You couldn’t have planned this trip better”, you say to yourself. You’re feeling good, confident and you’re on your way.

    Discovering new paths and never before seen sights are just some of the many advantages of a travel adventure. Yet just like on any road trip, the route we had outlined in our lives at times can suddenly change. Sure, we may have the directions and some form of GPS device to help us get there, but what lies ahead really no one knows. Life can take us through uncharted territory and learning how to navigate through this, might be part of the unknown ‘new plan’. So you thought you had your life goals completely planned out but you quickly come to learn that it doesn’t always work out that way.  Sure, there are some exceptions to this and yes there are some people who are able to plan out their lives and are able to accomplish most of the goals in the way they sought to do them. That’s pretty impressive sure and how great for them, but for the rest of humanity, it may not necessarily always work out that way. So what do you do in this case? First, you accept the fact that you have to take a new approach and make some tweaks and changes to your roadmap. Assess what your options are and be ready for some changes along the way. Perhaps you were originally on a faster lane but now you will have to take a local path and your estimated arrival time will be a bit delayed. You may experience some detours, swirls and speed bumps which are masked as life’s frustrations, anger and disappoint and that is completely okay. Those emotions and circumstances are actually the fuel and battery jumper cables that you need in your tool box. They will help you move forward through life with greater wisdom and strength. It will empower you to dust yourself off, gain perspective and keep going. Before you know it you’re on a new road, appreciating the views along the way and finding the beauty of a new adventure.

    The bottom line is that you have the power to make any endeavor whatever it is that want to make it. That scenic route may just have the answers you were looking for all along. Embrace it and enjoy the ride!





    Express Your Soul’s Creativity

    Have you ever felt like courage likes to play hide and seek with you sometimes? We all remember the character of the Lion in the classic film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and how cowardly he seemed for the most part of the movie? His wish all along the way to Emerald City was to gain some much-needed courage. Believe it or not, sometimes it really does take a great amount of courage to allow yourself to just follow your dreams especially if your dreams entail creativity. It takes courage to let your guard down and listen to what your soul really desires. Ever notice how children at a young age can get lost playing with their toys, drawing, coloring or playing an instrument? Those are the initial imaginative inclinations we are all born with but as we become adults, they get lost in this big busy world of logical thinking. The fact of the matter is that those creative passions never die and are deep-rooted within us and are a part of who we are as individuals. Many times you may crave to express those passions but because of fear, we tend to just give up and walk away. Sometimes the best thing you can do is invite fear in and have a long, needed facetime with it and just hash it out. Talk to it, write it a letter, make a date with it or have a cup of coffee with this big ugly monster. Facing it is the only way to get to the next steps.

    Throughout my years as a fashion blogger, I have interacted with so many men and women utterly afraid to engage in their passions. They have asked what made me start a blog and how did I get here. My honest answer is because my soul needed to express myself in some way. After so many years of strictly working in the corporate world without any artistic outlet, the truth of the matter was that ‘restless feeling’ just got louder as time went by. It became so loud that with zero knowledge of what blogging was I made the decision one day to just take a chance. Getting there wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. How long did it take me? A long time, but the important thing is to start somewhere, anywhere and avoid suppressing those gut feelings or nudges in your heart and mind. Never ignore a creative calling because you never know where this can lead. Yes, you will encounter the fear of feeling too old or that you’re not good enough. The fear of what will family and friends think, being judged and ridiculed or not accepted. The list goes on and frankly, it’s completely normal to doubt yourself at some point. Let your soul’s passion be greater than your doubt. One of my favorite quotes by the late and amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer is so poignant, “Don’t die with your music still inside you”. So whatever it is that moves your spirit, just do it. This is part of your calling, authentic self and purpose. You never know along this journey – you just may end up inspiring someone else to do the same.

    So readers, have you ever found yourself at this crossroads? Have you taken the plunge on a creative endeavor? How did you face that fear before diving in and taking action? Leave your comments below.

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    Spring: The Season of Renewal

    Despite the frigid temperatures and having left over snow on the ground, Spring if officially here! Yesterday as I was having my afternoon tea, I noticed my tea bag had one of those little quotes attached to the tag. By the way, I’ve noticed I actually look forward to those little messages. I enjoy them more than fortune cookies these days. Do you? Now back to my herbal tea message. It said “Earth Laughs in Flowers” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I thought how perfect with Spring just a day away. It’s such a fine reminder that yes, our earth provides us with so many beautiful gifts regardless of the seasons. Spring comes with a such a strong sense of excitement. Warmer weather, sunny days, long walks and why not.. fun styles to try as well. Putting seasonal allergies aside, you can’t help but appreciate the early signs of flowers, plants and leaves budding on the trees. The colors get brighter, the daylight stays with us just a bit longer. Spring is a wonderful reminder of new beginnings. This is the time to shed our old skin, past habits and thought patterns and just embrace renewed energies that this season brings with it. If you had some new years resolutions and perhaps it has fallen off your radar, that’s okay. Let that go and start over! That’s the best part of a new season, it gives you the motivation to refresh your goals, see things in a different way or maybe just try a new approach. Take some time to reconnect with yourself and see what parts of your life could use a boost or recharge. Is it career goals, new activities you would like to try like a new hobby or perhaps just visiting new places you’ve never been to before. Start somewhere, anywhere. So treat yourself to to the magic of the outdoors, leave those winter blues behind and start planting new seeds that start from within you. So readers, what is your favorite part of this new season? Leave your comments below and share what are you looking forward to?

    Happy Spring Equinox.



    The Power of Color for Home and Business

    What is the power of COLOR? It’s pretty safe to say that colors have one of the highest frequencies which we interact with on a daily basis. If we think about it, from the moment we get up in the morning one of our first decisions we make is what are we going to wear and that usually includes a choice of color(s). Have you ever decorated a room, home or office space? If so, then you know that the right choice of colors can make or break the vibe of your space. At some point you may have shopped around for new paint for a home improvement project. Then you know there are so many options and it’s a little more involved than just saying, “I’m going to paint a wall green”. The choice you make will have a lasting effect on your space regardless of its size. Colors can symbolize or represent a variety of things in western or eastern cultures. Have you heard the term ‘Feng Shui'(pronounced fung shway)? In English it means “wind-water” and it’s the Chinese system of placing and arranging items at home to increase the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy. Color plays a predominant role in the proper execution in Feng Shui. (See below for some of the meanings behind the colors in this system) It is believed that many of these principles can aid in increasing good luck, money, harmony, health and all areas of your life. Seriously, who doesn’t want any and all of these things! So why not give it a try. Here are 9 simple tips to Feng Shui your home.

    On the side of business, perhaps you are looking to launch a new website or are looking to purchase business cards for that business. Once again, the importance of your color selection will distinguish and represent your brand so you want to make sure that you put some thought behind this. Color can be persuasive and influential from a marketing perspective and according to an article in Small Business Trends, “Color can often be the sole reason someone purchases a product, where 93% of buyers focus on visual appearance and almost 85% claim color to be their primary reason for purchase!”

    The color choices we make can make a difference in how we feel. If we believe that colors carry a certain sense of energy, then how does this translate into our mood? I believe we all bring our own source of energy to this world. When we combine this with certain colors that we gravitate to, then we can make beautiful music together. Learning about the meaning behind certain hues is important, but remember to go with what resonates best with you. Whatever you feel is best aligned with you and lifts your spirits is exactly the color you may want to bring into your space. So, how do you find the use of certain colors have impacted life at home, business etc? Have you tried using Feng Shui in any way? Would love to hear your thoughts!