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  • The Power of 8

    The Power of 8
  • The Courage To Be Authentic

    The Courage To Be Authentic
  • A Free Pat On Your Back

    A Free Pat On Your Back
  • The Magic of Solitude

    The Magic of Solitude
  • When Change Knocks At Your Door

    When Change Knocks At Your Door
  • Wellness Begins From The Inside Out

    Wellness Begins From The Inside Out
  • Your Motivation and Your Tribe

    Your Motivation and Your Tribe


When it comes to top models these days, some of the most popular names are Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The rise of the ‘Insta’ models and daughters of the elite and famous Hollywood families are the biggest trend in fashion modeling. However, we are more interested in the lesser known girls with a story or in a model that really stands out for more than just the number of social media following. For instance, when in attendance at the fall/winter 2016 Tommy Hilfiger show last week, we couldn’t help but notice one young lady who was especially beautiful. Sure the lineup was impressive with so many famous faces but the one that caught our eye just so happened to be model Taylor. No not Taylor Swift the singer-songwriter-serial dater. We are talking about Taylor Hill and she is not exactly a newbie at modeling. After all, she was one…

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American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and model Gigi Hadid were the power duo that took over Pier 16 on Friday evening during NYFW. As a brand ambassador, Gigi collaborated together with Tommy this season for a one of a kind autumn/winter 2016 collection labeled TommyxGigi. Tommy’s show was set in a carnival themed event at the legendary South Street Seaport in New York City. The ambiance included arcade games, food stands, amusement rides including a Ferris wheel with 80s music blaring in the background. Once you arrived at Pier 16 (named Tommy Pier), you knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary fashion show, this was going to be an experience. Gigi opened the show with one of the best looks of the night. A military jacket, a tied nautical shirt, fringed neck scarf and high-waisted leather pants. The rest of the collection was true to Hilfiger’s American style. Among the many looks,…

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One of the most buzzed about weeks in New York City has once again arrived, New York Fashion Week. The lineup of fashion shows all around the city has grown and so has the ‘see now, buy now’ business model for many designers. It seems the goal is to target consumers in a big way! More American fashion brands are choosing to present their current collections to the public and giving them the option to buy it instantly, instead of six months ahead. Although not everyone has adopted this way of presenting their NYFW collections. Europe is still also opting to present their collections the classic way. On another note, we hope to see more growing numbers in the model diversity portion. Last season saw an increase but we definitely will keep an eye on what that inclusion represents. For now, we move on and take a closer look at some of…

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We live in a time where celebrities are glorified for their fashion, lifestyle and of course their figures. Everywhere we turn from television to movies, magazines and of course the runway we can’t help but notice the obsession with staying thin and being slender. Body image has always been a controversial subject of conversation. These days, trends don’t just apply to fashion anymore, every day there is talk of a new diet plan, a new fitness regimen and the latest trends in health supplements.No matter how “Twiggy-like” models may be on the runway or how incredibly fast some celebrities may lose the baby weight, there is no doubt that a shift has occurred in what is perceived as a normal body type. We certainly don’t live in historic renaissance times when ample bosoms and rounded bodies were admired and considered feminine. In the 1940s and 1950s women like Marilyn Monroe…

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The summer heat wave may be in full effect but the fall fashion looks can be found online and in-stores now. You may be flipping through some of the September issues and taking in all the incredible trends but we want to bring you a quick rundown of what you need to invest in for fall 2016. What are some of the top trends you will see next season? Well, we definitely saw some of them at last February’s fashion week from New York to London to Paris. Ready? Here we go, our first fall trend preview and you will want to take notes and pass along to your friends and family. NAVY LELA ROSE, FALL 2016

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