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  • The Power of 8

    The Power of 8
  • The Courage To Be Authentic

    The Courage To Be Authentic
  • A Free Pat On Your Back

    A Free Pat On Your Back
  • The Magic of Solitude

    The Magic of Solitude
  • When Change Knocks At Your Door

    When Change Knocks At Your Door
  • Wellness Begins From The Inside Out

    Wellness Begins From The Inside Out
  • Your Motivation and Your Tribe

    Your Motivation and Your Tribe

April – Only Fools Rush In…

“Wise Men say only fools rush in but I cant help falling in love with you” Above are some of the lyrics from Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit song, “Can’t Help Falling in love with you.” A beautiful song that you may remember also in the Soundtrack for the movie “Fools Rush In”, starring Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. I can’t help but note that April is an amazing month, with fresh beginnings, Spring season, bright Fashions and a very romantic month. It’s the beginning of the bridal season and why not highlight that a much anticipated “Royal Wedding” is upon us. The union of Kate Middleton and Prince William will be held on April 29th and is sure to capture all of our attention, as when Princess Diana and Prince Charles exchanged vows. It will be a historic moment that we will all discuss, remember and will be documented endlessly. So in…

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Audrey’s Words…


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The Art of McQueen!

One of my favorite museums by far is the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in the heart of Central Park along the “Museum Mile” in NYC.  It’s an institution like no other with over two million works of art from all over the world. The Costume Institute department every year showcases one specific Fashion Designer’s work. Having both Fashion and Art displayed for such a great cause is a reason alone to want to visit this museum in the spring. The Costume Institute Gala at the MET is one of the most anticipated annual Fashion events in New York City.  It is definitely Fashion’s “Party of the Year” or our city’s version of the Oscars. This is a multimillion dollar fund -raiser for the museum and is co-chaired by Vogue’s editor -in -chief, Anna Wintour. This year it will be a very special and touching event as the Costume Institute…

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My Tribute to a Glamour Goddess

Today is certainly the end of an era. Today we have lost a Queen of Hollywood, a legend, a Fashion Icon and honorable activist. She leaves behind wonderful memories, an amazing archive of films and a trajectory that will live on forever! I echo the words Richard Burton once wrote to Violet Eyes in one of his many love letters written many years ago.   “Well, first of all, you must realize that I worship you. Second of all, at the expense of seeming repetitive, I love you. Thirdly, and here I go again with my enormous command of language, I can’t live without you.” — Richard Burton RIP  Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

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Rattle Your Style!

Last summer I visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York City with my younger nephews. The older of the two being a long time reptile enthusiast, made sure to tell me “Pythons are non-venomous,” (as he heard me squeal). Well, this particular museum trip is very reminiscent of what’s in store for us in the coming seasons ahead…. During Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week designers made a strong statement in their shows with endless versions of Python skins. Roberto Cavalli is very well known for using bright colors and animal prints, so it comes to no surprise he has incorporated it into his latest collections exquisitely.  This exotic pattern has yet again swept us away. Everything from Dresses, blouses, skirts, jewelry and of course the infamous shoes and handbags. Get ready to have this trend slither it’s way into your attire. There are various ways to include this look in your your day to…

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