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  • The Power of 8

    The Power of 8
  • The Courage To Be Authentic

    The Courage To Be Authentic
  • A Free Pat On Your Back

    A Free Pat On Your Back
  • The Magic of Solitude

    The Magic of Solitude
  • When Change Knocks At Your Door

    When Change Knocks At Your Door
  • Wellness Begins From The Inside Out

    Wellness Begins From The Inside Out
  • Your Motivation and Your Tribe

    Your Motivation and Your Tribe

My Fashion Filled Memorial Weekend in NYC!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and was able to enjoy the time off or the nice weather. In New York we certainly have been enjoying beautiful warm and sunny days. The weekend was certainly a reminder that Summer is right around the corner.  Today my post is dedicated to my weekend sights and travels. First stop, the vivacious and art filled downtown Soho area. As many of you know it is bountiful for great boutiques & tons of fashion. Here are some stores I visited and displays that stood out the most to me. Beginning with Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Intermix to Max Azria. Then off to Valentino, Bulgari and Bergdorf in Midtown and ending the journey where else, at my favorite museum, the MET. Here, I attended the incomparable and breathtaking “Savage Beauty” exhibit by Alexander McQueen. It was quite an extrodinary journey to say the least.…

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Barbie The Ultimate Fashionista

Today I want to dedicate this post to one special lady that has touched many little girls childhood, including myself. I want to talk…BARBIE! The Barbie doll was a major part of my days as a child. My Barbie dolls were special to me and were some of my first fashion muses early on. As an adult, I would have loved to become a professional Barbie collector, but as many of you know, it can be a very costly hobby. Through the years, Fashion Designers have partnered with Mattel to create the most incredible and fashionable dolls. They have designed looks that have been inspired by their own runway collections making these dolls even more exclusive and marketable. This week, news broke that Mattel is releasing a Grace Kelly Barbie. How wonderful that they are dedicating one to America’s Princess Grace. She was a lady of class, poise, royalty and of course great fashion.  From Hollywood…

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Step into Summer Shoes!

The season of sun and beach will be here before we know it. So its time to start thinking about what shoes are going to keep us cool, comfortable but of course very stylish. Let’s keep in mind that although ladies love their heels, today you can find many other ways to stay fashionable during the summer time. Whether you need a weekend, vacation or just a day to day shoe, here are some fun and fabulous options.

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Hot & Spicy!

One of the most dazzling and beautiful Latin actresses in Hollywood is by far Oscar nominated Salma Hayek. We all remember her firing up the Hollywood big screen with co star Antonio Banderas in the movie “Desperado”.  Today, she is not just an actress but also a director and producer.  She was nominated for an Oscar in 2002 when she co-produced and starred in the movie “Frida” based on the legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. As far as Fashion goes, Salma Hayek has always been a risk taker. She has evolved her style and her looks have transformed throughout the years. With her dark brunette locks, olive skin and hourglass figure she has brought her great style on many occasions to the red carpet. She has not been afraid to bring her bombshell curves and combine it with great feminine classiness. She varies her looks from short dresses to long gowns and from…

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Coming Soon: “Center Stage with…”

I wanted to share with you a new feature theme post that is coming to One Style at a Time. Coming soon is “Center Stage with…” Here, I will bring one fashion designer to the center stage and discuss their career highlights. It’s my way of paying tribute to some very talented and favorite Fashion Designers and their work. In this day of age of celebrity fashion lines and Internet information overload, we tend to forget the mastery and unique quality that is the designer’s craft. The hours of study or work dedicated to sketching, pattern making, draping, and trying to execute a design is overlooked at times. Before a collection is brought to a showroom or even a runway the designer and his or her team have arduous hours of labor beforehand. Years of hard work and a business savvy sense are just some elements that come into play for a successful fashion…

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