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  • The Power of 8

    The Power of 8
  • The Courage To Be Authentic

    The Courage To Be Authentic
  • A Free Pat On Your Back

    A Free Pat On Your Back
  • The Magic of Solitude

    The Magic of Solitude
  • When Change Knocks At Your Door

    When Change Knocks At Your Door
  • Wellness Begins From The Inside Out

    Wellness Begins From The Inside Out
  • Your Motivation and Your Tribe

    Your Motivation and Your Tribe

Do Your Life Plans Need a Time-Out?

Do you ever feel like you’re moving at a glacial pace not making the progress with your plans the way you would like? Every day we get up and do our best to take one step forward to making a dream, wish or vision a reality. It may not always be easy or perhaps the timeframe may not be how we imagined it. In times of stagnation or even frustration it might be a good moment to take a breath and stop. Yes even when we are hustling and bustling to obtain our goals it is a good idea to pause. You see we are never taught this in life. No one in school told us that we should re-evaluate our circumstances or take a moment to assess our next form of action. We are conditioned to go, go, go and act NOW. Of course, there is much value in…

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Face to Face with Self-Acceptance

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear the words “Self-Acceptance”? Does that word resonate in a positive or as a negative way for you? For many, the answer might change from one moment to the next or depending on where you are in your life. We have so much mental chatter going on all day that our own perception of self-acceptance might be cloudy from time to time. Judgment exists all around us. Social Media for one has heightened the level of judgment and high expectations for what our lives should look like. We have been fed a life full of perfected filters through our online social interactions. Although it may generate a picture-perfect moment at that time for the world to see, the idea of accepting flaws and imperfections have been diluted. Some may say, that’s just the world we live in…

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Shift Your Focus with Positive Affirmations

There is power in words. What you say is what you get – Zig Ziglar. Without a doubt what we say out loud, what we write or the words we speak in our minds can be powerful in a positive or negative way. For a long time now we have seen our social media showered with daily positive quotes. Perhaps because the days only get busier and the calendar days seem to come and go quicker than we can keep up. I mean it’s June folks! How are we half way into 2019? It’s hard not to notice that the focus on mindfulness, health, and wellness continue to grow and become very popular. And understandably so especially with so much intensity going on around the world and most notably in our country with our youth. It’s no wonder that there’s been a surge and a need for positive quotes and…

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Taking Your Power Back & Healing With Meditation

Have you ever heard the term, “take your power back”? Perhaps unintentionally and to some degree, you have given some of your personal power away to your bosses, coworkers, spouse or to just situations in your life. These days the world can be a noisy and needy environment and working on trying to find peace of mind and balance is something that most of us seem to constantly strive for. Sometimes we may even have to experience traumatic situations or go through a dramatic life change that requires us to take inventory of what is causing our stress or anxiety. If you read one of my recent posts, The Magic of Solitude, then you know that I suggested finding time alone as a means to not only find inner peace but to listen to that voice inside of you. Today we are taking it a step further. As an additional tool…

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The Power of 8

EIGHT. That is the number that I am celebrating today and will be discussing on this post. Why you may ask. Because that is the number of years One Style at a Time has been in existence. That’s right it has been eight years since I started my venture as a blog writer! Eight years since the first post was published. Quite a milestone for me. If you have been following this blog from the beginning then you know it served as an informational space for fashion for several years until I decided to pivot and take the content in a new direction. The reasons why are detailed in my latest newsletter which I hope you have subscribed to and read. You can still do so here. I was thinking about the number eight and what it represents aside from today’s blogiversary celebration. You may have heard at one point…

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