7 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Energy At Home

The days and weeks have continued to move yet most of the world continues to stay home in quarantine. Although there has been so much change to our ‘normal routines’ there is also a sense of stagnation at home. Let’s talk about that stagnant energy. Everyone is doing what they can to manage their time and stay active in their own way. But if you have had days of lack of motivation or perhaps some emotional ups and downs you are not for one second alone. No one gave us a rulebook for how to quarantine. No one said it would be easy especially when you factor the amount of loss and heavy hearts all around the world. But staying home is the one contribution we can all participate in to avoid the spread of COVID-19. So for now, let’s work on boosting your mood and energy. It goes without saying that eating healthy, engaging in some form of physical exercise and stretching your body leads to a better mindset. Yet, have you scanned the energy in your home?

First, it goes without saying that a clean home is key. I’m sure with all the much-needed sanitizing and hand washing our homes are the cleanest they’ve been a long time. Now let me preface by saying that I am no Feng Shui guru but I have been practicing and dabbling in this practice for at least 20 years. In a time when we need an energy boost, Feng Shui has some really effective ways to shift the stagnant energy in your homes. So here go some very simple tips.

  • Frontdoor/Entryway – Make sure your doors are clean and free of dust and debris and adding nature to your entryway would be a great way to boost the energy. In Feng Shui the front door area of the home is considered the ‘mouth’ or life force of your living space.
  • Declutter – What better time than now to declutter a closet. Organize your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. Of course, take it one room at a time. Let go of items that you know you honestly won’t be using them by donating, discarding or recycling them. When you let go of unused items, you’re actually energetically inviting more abundance and making room for the new and improved.
  • Magic of 27 – In Feng Shui practices numerical values are key. The “Magic of 27” is a great tool to get ‘unstuck’ or on days you feel sluggish. Pick up one item and move it even if it’s just inching into a new place. It’s all about shifting the energy. You can do that with your furniture, picture frames, candles, books, a spice rack, artwork, etc. The energy of number 27 is an extension of the auspicious number nine as we’ve discussed in 9 Reasons Why Number 9 is Important.¬†
  • Nature Indoors – Add more nature to your indoors. I’m the biggest advocate of bringing elements of the earth into the home. Now especially since our time outdoors is so limited. It is spring, after all, so adding fresh flowers or plants to your homes is a beautiful way to boost and clean the environment. If you don’t have a green thumb, no problem at all! Bring in some faux plants and florals. Add photos of art prints of greenery to your decor. It’s what they represent that counts.
  • Color Boost– Color has so much energy. Whether its through artwork, flowers, crystals, clothing, or even through scents (think essential oils like citrus, or earth scents like tea tree, eucalyptus or rosemary oils). If you need more help with the meaning of colors, here is a link to a previous blog post I wrote about this topic, The Power of Color for Home & Business.
  • Clean mirrors – Mirrors are such a chic way to decorate a home and helps to make your space look even bigger. In Feng Shui mirrors are a powerful tool if used correctly. According to the experts, mirrors should never face staircases or face your front door but more importantly, keep them clean. It allows for clear reflection and allows for the energy of clarity. It also deflects any lower vibrations.
  • Bedroom Zen – Your bedroom should be treated as your sacred space. It is where you rest, sleep and regenerate your body at night. This area should be neat, clean and clear of clutter (especially behind doors and under your bed). Your bedroom is where you should look to destress, feel calm and zen. Make sure you have a sturdy headboard as this represents support in your life. Clean sheets, a nice scented candle or a diffuser with essential oils. Anything you need to destress any anxiety, fears or mental noise from the day. Keep your nightstand clear of clutter as well. Set boundaries around your home and if you can, avoid bringing laptops or making your bedroom a working environment.

I hope these tips bring you some peace and balance within yourself and around your home space. #StayHomeandSaveLives