High Vibe with Clear Quartz Crystals

Somewhere along my creative path of discovery and self-care, I came across new tools that would become a part of my everyday practice and lifestyle. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, this blog is navigating through new topics and I am excited to share them with you. So here goes!

When I began learning more about meditation a few years back, I also became quite mesmerized and enamored by crystals and stones. Perhaps at first glance, they may just seem like plain old rocks that come in different colors and shapes. But as I began to study more about them I learned there was so much more to these pieces of our earth then met the eye. By nature I’m a very visual person, so anything with texture or colors has an appeal and like any girl, there was an attraction to things that sparkle and shine. As meditation and spirituality became more a part of my world, I quickly became more curious about different types of crystals. Since that time, to me, it has felt like I have discovered gold in some ways. This may not be something new for some folks but for others, this is still something that can be foreign territory. I’m not here to breakdown every molecular scientific fact about ‘rocks’, but I am a strong believer in energy and how improving our energy levels can change the frequency of our lives for the better. Even if it doesn’t transform your life you will shift your mental state a bit. Now I’m aware there are are a gazillion articles and books about crystals but stay with me here, I’m going to keep this as simple as the A, B, C’s of stones.

Let’s begin with the mother of all crystals and the one that many people might be more familiar with, Clear Quartz. This stone is one of the most versatile and powerful stones out in the world. Just as the name describes it, it’s a stone that is clear and colorless for the most part. Quartz stones can be found in different colors but if you ever want to begin your collection of crystals, then begin with this stone. They can be found tumbled, in points or clusters and range in prices.  On a metaphysical level, ALL crystals carry healing energies but setting an intention can help to set a focal point for your desired outcome. What makes a clear quartz so special? That’s what I’m here to breakdown for you.

  • Amplify – Clear quartz crystals are full of amplifying energy. So here is a great time to set an intention of abundance, opportunities, prosperity, and good health.
  • Clear Thoughts – If you need help with clarifying your thoughts, feelings or direction in life, working with this crystal can aid in this purpose. Removes mental blocks.
  • Absorbs Negative Energy  – Known as a very protective stone, the quartz crystal is a powerful stone used to clear you and your space of lower energies. It can transmute lower frequencies and remove them from your energy field.
  • De-Stress – If you need help getting rid of stress at home or your workspace, having this stone nearby could certainly help reduce the levels of tension.
  • Meditation Stone – Also known as a ‘master healer’, this stone is commonly used in single or group meditation practices.

So this is your crash course to learning about quartz crystals. Finally, I have to mention that if you are interested in purchasing any crystal or stone you will need to cleanse it before and after using it. That’s right these sparkly little rocks pick up on lots of energy from stores, manufactures or people that have handled them before they came to your possession.  My advice is when you buy any and all of your crystals, cleanse them by burning some dry sage to clear away any residual energy from others. You can also get a bowl of rock sea salt and let your stones sit there overnight. The sea salt makes a great energy cleanser. And just like that,  you’re ready to start your ‘high energy’ goals for 2020. Remember, no matter what you’re working on to improve in your life self-care is mind, body, and spirit.

Leave a comment if you have any experience working with this quartz crystal or any other healing stones. I can’t wait to share more with you on some of my other favorite crystals that I work with regularly. Subscribe to this blog on the home page or follow the Instagram/Facebook account @OneStyleataTime to get all the upcoming updates! It will be fun and of course always informative.