4 Life Lessons from the Canvas

No one said it would be simple or easy. No one said the quest to finding answers would be a walk in the park. Over a year ago I decided to revisit one of my creative passions which since I was a child was art and painting. It had been an incredibly long time since I had worked with any type of art medium. Back in 2018, while facing some very personal challenges it just felt like the right time to go for it and throw creative caution to the wind. I had nothing to lose and only everything to gain. Since then I have been building more of a relationship with my easel and paintbrushes. These days, I consider myself an intuitive painter. For those that don’t understand the concept, it’s a form of creative freedom and self-expression that includes allowing your inner voice and personal energy to guide you without the use of logistical techniques. Just about every time I stand or sit in front of a canvas I have a different experience. I’m sure that anyone who practices some type of creative work ‘feels’ something special happening at some point. I can only speak for myself but rest assured I have learned quite a few new lessons since I embarked on this new artistic endeavor.  Today I’m bringing you four top lessons I’ve learned while creating artworks that apply to everyday life.

  1. Expect the unexpected – Numerous times I have walked into my workspace, picked up a brush and thought I’m going to paint this or that. Then as the process begins and progresses, the ideas and the feelings change. It has helped to show me that in life you have to allow yourself to go with the flow. You may have a certain plan in your mind that is structured and seems just right, when in fact your inner voice has a different story to tell. I’m sure many of us have been surprised by a course of events that have occurred in our lives and the end result may have turned out better than expected. There is certainly freedom in just letting things unfold as they may and not as we think they should.
  2. Accept the mishaps – I could be working on a piece with only certain colors in my palette but somehow a drop of color drips on one of the others to cause an entirely different shade to show up. Whatever the random event that may happen while in the creative mode I’ve learned that in the end, it happened to shift my focus. I either discovered a new color mix or just how to correct a mistake. As in life, our mistakes or random events are meant to teach us something – be it patience, strength or how to re-invent ourselves in some way.
  3. Allow vulnerability – Like standing in front of a mirror can be quite a vulnerable experience for anyone, so can standing in front of something you have just created. Our minds quickly jump into the judgemental zone and right away the nitpicking begins. I’ve learned that yes, sometimes you just have to sit with that fragility, look at it face to face and let it be. We have these invisible guards that we all put up in our world, so having moments of open vulnerability is more necessary than most like to admit.
  4. Creative Meditation – For me picking up a brush these days is not just a simple creative act, it’s definitely a spiritual journey. I don’t take this for granted and hold these moments in high regard as an opportunity to connect with a higher force.  It’s a moment to detach from all the noise and just surrendering to that energy is what makes creating another form of meditation for me.

So there you have it. I hope this is something that resonates with you in some way. To see some of my artwork make sure to visit and follow my Instagram account.