9 Reasons Why Number Nine is Important

We are officially halfway through the month of September and very soon we will begin feeling dips in the temperatures and the crisp autumn leaves will begin changing colors. Once upon a time when I was a fashion blogger, the fall season was such a busy time of the year. Lots of running around between fashion shows and the mad rush of getting content published everywhere online. Fall is still my favorite time of the year for the same reasons it might be for many. For example, the temperatures, the earth tones and the upcoming holiday season. It’s all about change and the key word in the air is transformation!

And speaking of changes, if you read my latest newsletter “A Time of Metamorphosis”,  then you’re up to date with the shift in topics that I am looking forward to discussing and placing some focus on going forward, all in the vein of mindfulness, higher consciousness and wellness. Back in August, one of the most popular posts was “The Power of 8”.  Check it out if you haven’t and discover why being aware of the vibration of number eight is so powerful and quite auspicious.

This time around I wanted to focus on the number nine and what it represents. Number nine is the highest of all the single numbers and therefore that gives it a higher vibration to work with. It also represents life purpose, completion and the start of new beginnings. Interesting enough, we are at the end of a decade as we are just three months from ending 2019. Think about it this way, we are nine months into the year and like a pregnant woman, we have conceived, nourished and carried these nine months of this year and now it’s time to bring to life a better life, a new you. That is the energy that September brings. How have your nine months been so far? What seeds have you planted and ready to move forward with?

So, what are some of the important factors to consider about this divine number? Keep reading.

  1. In Hinduism, it is the number of completion and represents the end of a cycle or chapter in your life.
  2. Nine represents fulfillment, life mission, wisdom, and higher consciousness.
  3. It is said to symbolize transformation.
  4. The ninth planet in the solar system is Neptune. (in Astrology represents dreams, intuition, imagination and its ruling sign is Pisces).
  5. Number nine’s meaning calls for you to consider all the changes that are happening and is a call to action.
  6. After transformation takes place usually, you’re are in a better place to manifest your desires. So yes, number nine represents manifestation.
  7. Number nine is associated with the color gold. Think joy, happiness, compassion and universal love.
  8. The Chinese meaning of the number 9 is eternity, longevity, creativity and long-lasting.
  9. Finally, according to numerology, if your life path is number 9 then you are a natural leader, are selfless, likes to take care of others and are quite the humanitarian. (To find out what your life path number is, click on this link for a free life path calculator. Happy September, make it a great one!