Surfing Through Life Lessons of Change

Here we are, officially halfway into the summer with already 215 days accounted for on the 2019 calendar. I’ve had many conversations with many that have experienced some type of significant change in their life lately. Most of the time changes we face are here to test our strength and patience. For so many, this year has brought circumstances that have made them step out of their comfort zones. Changes are uncomfortable but necessary to keep us evolving and growing. No one said it would be easy peasy right? Yet, somehow we get through it. Its when our lives become stagnant or complacent that we need to examine what needs to shift. At times, we chose to stay in the same old and that is usually when the universe pushes us to the edge just a little more. In the past couple of years and even monthsI have had to encounter fast and big changes in my personal and professional life. So often we forget how far we have come and don’t give ourselves more credit or pat ourselves on the back. For nowI have taken some productive steps toward goals that I have had sitting in my back pocket. I have made the conscious effort to look for the signs and connect those dots. These things don’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to do the internal and external work. More of this in my next newsletter out now, with some a new special announcement. (sign up today so you don’t miss out)!

couple of months ago I was in Los Angeles on vacation and it was my first time visiting the City of Angels. I certainly enjoyed my time there and taking in the laid back and the casual setting was fun. But one of the moments that stood out for me was being at a few of the beaches in L.A. and seeing surfers riding the ocean waves. I was in awe to see these young and vibrant surfers patiently waiting and waiting for the incoming wave. Once it came, they got on that board and rode it with all they had making it looks so easy and graceful. I saw pure passion and dedication from those young men and women. Of course, many times they got knocked down, but that didn’t stop them. They continued to wait for that magic moment when for just a few seconds they could get back up on their surfboards and ride again. I was glued for those moments to see this for the first time. Being a New York girl, surfing high waves is not something we see every day. But it did put a few things in perspective. I have always loved the ocean waters since I was a child. I always found it to provide a sense of peace and even today any chance I get to be near the water it brings me a sense of serenity. Ive always believed that the ocean speaks to us and is a representation of life itself and the experiences we live. Sometimes the waves can be calm and other times there are some that can be tumultuous and knock us off our feet pretty abruptly. Regardless, we have to try and do our best to stay the course of the stronger waves and keep our balance. If we do fall off our surfboard, just like those incredible surfers we have to let go and be ok with taking the fall. Then you muster the inner strength to get back up and know that you did your best. Then comes that moment of having a little extra patience to keep an eye out for the next great opportunity. In some ways, it is a matter of trusting. We just have to be ready and willing to allow great things to show up. So pick up your magic surfboard of courage and get back on that wave. Along the wayyou will have so many great stories to tell with a side of self-pride and endurance to keep going. Just remember, you never know who might be watching you or who you might end up inspiring along the way.