Do Your Life Plans Need a Time-Out?

Do you ever feel like you’re moving at a glacial pace not making the progress with your plans the way you would like? Every day we get up and do our best to take one step forward to making a dream, wish or vision a reality. It may not always be easy or perhaps the timeframe may not be how we imagined it. In times of stagnation or even frustration it might be a good moment to take a breath and stop. Yes even when we are hustling and bustling to obtain our goals it is a good idea to pause. You see we are never taught this in life. No one in school told us that we should re-evaluate our circumstances or take a moment to assess our next form of action. We are conditioned to go, go, go and act NOW. Of course, there is much value in taking steps toward attaining success or progress, but not all forms of action can be productive. In some instances going full force ahead with your plans can have a degree of fear energy behind it. How? Possibly because there is a sense that if you don’t ‘get it done now’, it won’t come to fruition. I’m here to tell  you that there is nothing wrong with putting the breaks on your action plan. There is nothing to feel guilty about because what you want in the end is to have effective results that bring you joy and satisfaction and sometimes that pause can bring a breakthrough.

There are a million examples that can come into play here be it saving up to make a big purchase, taking a trip, starting a new business, ending or starting a relationship, relocating homes or changing jobs. There may come a time when you may need to make a bigger change to your plans altogether. Taking that ‘time out’ is essential to giving you the clear thoughts and ideas to move forward if you feel you’re not where you want to be. In fact, in the process of rushing to your destination you may end up missing details or other opportunities that are being presented to you.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time you may have read my post about Taking Your Power Back and Healing with Meditation. Yes, those powerful quiet moments no matter how brief they might be can bring much clarity and big insights. I can’t promise you that meditating every single day can bring epiphanies, but I can’t tell you it won’t. Personally, I’ve had insightful moments with meditation during the process and even much later on in time. The point is to come to a better place where you feel you’re not racing against time or even yourself to get results. Take a break. Evaluate where you are and really have an honest moment with yourself even if it is just five minutes before going to sleep or while you’re in the shower. These are the everyday alone moments we all have with our own self and that voice inside of us. These are the moments when you should ask yourself what do you really want and if what you’re doing feels right. Always, always listen to your intuition as it is the best radar for what to do or even what not to do. Trust that voice inside of you. As cliché as it may sound the truth is life is a marathon not a sprint. One step at a time will get you exactly where you are meant to be in any path in life.

Have you ever had to take a time-out on an important plan or had to rethink your game plan?