One Petal at a Time – Flowers and Their Superpowers

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.”
― Georgia O’Keefe

Flowers have been around for ages and have had so much significance throughout history. From a young age, we are taught that to gift someone with flowers is a gesture of friendship, love, and respect. Of course, flowers can certainly be a symbol of romance and affection in a relationship. If you really think about it, they can be present from the time women give birth to the time we say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral. When words can do no more, nature steps in to express an emotion or a feeling. I have always found flowers appealing and so beautiful growing up but in the last several years they have taken a front row to many areas of my life.  I have a newfound respect and curiosity about their types, colors, scents, and meanings.

I normally buy them for the home or for the office space at work. My process of buying fresh flowers is I usually select them depending on how they make me feel at the time. I could go to a store with the intention of buying tulips one day and all of a sudden find myself drawn to a bouquet of Gerber daisies. Another day I might be looking for pink flowers and just feel this sense of peace when I pick up white lilies or hydrangeas. For me, it’s an unspoken language which I have learned to allow into my space. I wonder if that is what gardeners or flower shop owners experience in some way. I can’t say I can check the box of having a green thumb since in the past some of my plants haven’t faired well in my New York apartments so I have opted to stick with florals. Besides, flowers do more than just look pretty in a room. They can uplift any lower energies in any room. In Feng Shui, they are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and prosperity. Some of the most common flowers used in the system of Feng Shui are orchids, lotus, peonies, chrysanthemums, and cherry blossoms.

Another benefit of flowers is that they have healing properties as well and can be used to bring soothing and relaxation to your senses. You can try working with lavender which carries anti-stress properties. If you don’t want to spend money frequently on fresh flowers, consider essential oils, flower essences or sipping on some lavender, jasmine or chamomile tea to help calm nerves, anxiety, and stress. Flower petals can also be very soothing and can bring a spa-like experience to your bath. In the past year or so flowers have translated as a muse for some of my art paintings, (more about this to come in an upcoming post). I find inspiration in their shapes, colors, and scents.

But flowers die so quickly some may say. This is in some cases true but just like they say plants need sun, water and someone to speak to them I do the same with my flowers. I change their waters, trim their ends and once they die and are ready to be discarded I do give them thanks. Yes, I thank them for their beauty, healing and for the smiles or good thoughts they may have provided for anyone who came in contact with them. They are living beings just as are animals and all forms of living creatures on this planet. So the next time you encounter any type of plant or flower that catches your eye, maybe you can linger a bit longer than usual. You just might see or feel their powerful energy and find your day or mood might get a little better. Finally, I leave you with fifteen flowers and their meanings. Perhaps the next time you shop for some blooms you can do so with a more intentional purpose or just let them speak to you in their own special way. So readers, do you have a personal practice with flowers or just go ahead and share what is your favorite flower? In case you were wondering, my favorite is the peony.

Calla Lilly – purity, honesty, innocence

Daffodil – friendship, a new beginning, rebirth

Violet – faithfulness, modesty

Lily of the Valley – sweetness, humility

Rose – love, passion, appreciation

Magnolia – perseverance

Daisy – beauty, innocence

Orchid – admiration, innocence

Snapdragon – strength, graciousness

Tulip – perfect love, charity

Camellia – Desire, passion

Hydrangea – understanding, emotion

Sunflower – loyalty, strength, positivity

Peony – honor, romance, wealth

Azalea – temperance, elegance, femininity

Inspiration – From reality to the canvas. Peonies on the left and a glimpse of “Ruffled Petals” (one of my acrylic on canvas paintings) on the right