Shift Your Focus with Positive Affirmations

There is power in words. What you say is what you get – Zig Ziglar.

Without a doubt what we say out loud, what we write or the words we speak in our minds can be powerful in a positive or negative way. For a long time now we have seen our social media showered with daily positive quotes. Perhaps because the days only get busier and the calendar days seem to come and go quicker than we can keep up. I mean it’s June folks! How are we half way into 2019? It’s hard not to notice that the focus on mindfulness, health, and wellness continue to grow and become very popular.

And understandably so especially with so much intensity going on around the world and most notably in our country with our youth. It’s no wonder that there’s been a surge and a need for positive quotes and affirmations. It seems we are all craving for some kind of inspiration and a sense of motivation to get us through our daily routines and even challenges. And so we turn to affirmations and quotes. Is it effective? It certainly can be but it also depends on the person and how receptive they might be to incorporating these techniques. Everyone is at a different point in their lives and trying to achieve different goals. In some cases, perhaps a simple post-it note on a computer monitor could work some magic. For others, perhaps it could be a daily mantra with a few minutes of meditation once a day. I’m a firm believer of affirmations which are actually which just another word for a phrase or mantra. Words and thoughts carry more energy that some like to admit or believe. Let us not forget that we are beings that vibrate with energy. Some are higher frequencies and some are not so much. We all have had days whereupon awaking in the morning we feel in pretty good. Well, in that case, you are vibrating on a higher energy level and yet there are moments of the days when worry, stress, illness or sadness may take over and that’s right you guessed it, you’re on a lower energy vibration. And let me be clear everyone and I mean everyone has those highs and lows. That is part of this human experience we are living in. But of course, feeling happy and at ease is what we hope for. So to try to achieve picking UP the low vibes, it’s important to have healthy self-talk. What and who we surround ourselves with is important but what about the person you’re around 100% of the day? Yes, YOURSELF! Becoming your best friend in your head is so important. It’s surely not something that happens overnight. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but I would expect a more gradual sense of change to occur. Just keep in mind that although a visual reminder is a great tool, this work is more internal. It’s all about the shift in your mind and the awareness of the conversations you’re holding with yourself. It takes time, patience, intention, and practice. Here are some of my tips with using affirmations. Write three or five or more down on a piece of paper. Read them to yourself slowly and when you’re done take a moment to breathe in between each one. Also, saying them out loud to yourself is even better. Say each affirmation with assertiveness and with a sense of confidence and belief. Finally, read them out loud and record yourself on a voice recorder application on your smartphone. Play it back to yourself from time to time as a reminder that this is the happy and friendly voice your mind and spirit needs to hear more often.

A few years ago I was introduced to the work of Louise Hay. Louise was an iconic motivational speaker and author who was also the founder of the Hay House Publishing company with a huge following even today. She is considered to be the mother of positive affirmations. She wrote many books that taught the world about how to manifest your best life based on these affirmations. She believed that affirmations were a way of opening a door for positive change and healed not only the mind but the body and spirit. She taught the world to be mindful of what words followed the words “I Am”.  Some of her most well-known affirmations are below (but there are countless others).

  • “All is Well”
  •  “I Am Good Enough”
  •  “I Love and Appreciate Myself”
  •  “I am in the process of positive change”
  •  “I am willing to let go”
  •  “I Love and Accept Myself”
  •  “I now live in limitless love, light, and joy”
  •  “Life is Good, and so it is”

Even some of the most famous and wealthy celebrities like Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Oprah Winfrey have publicly disclosed using affirmations as a way to transform their lives for the better. We are habitual creatures so just like a new diet plan or fitness regimen, trying to change how we think or how to shift our focus can take a bit of time. Just remember that you are your biggest investment. Finding ways to manage the contrast of our daily lives is our right and responsibility. It’s time that you take your power back and change the station playing in your head. So, readers, I would like to hear from you. Do you practice using positive affirmations or use positive motivational quotes at home or work and if so what results have you noticed?