We live in a time where celebrities are glorified for their fashion, lifestyle and of course their figures. Everywhere we turn from television to movies, magazines and of course the runway we can’t help but notice the obsession with staying thin and being slender. Body image has always been a controversial subject of conversation. These days, trends don’t just apply to fashion anymore, every day there is talk of a new diet plan, a new fitness regimen and the latest trends in health supplements.No matter how “Twiggy-like” models may be on the runway or how incredibly fast some celebrities may lose the baby weight, there is no doubt that a shift has occurred in what is perceived as a normal body type. We certainly don’t live in historic renaissance times when ample bosoms and rounded bodies were admired and considered feminine. In the 1940s and 1950s women like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren represented the term “Bombshells” and were some of the most desired women in Hollywood. Today, more and more women in Hollywood are coming forward talking about their weight struggles & the scrutiny that they experience for not having a model type figure. What is admirable is that so many of these women have turned their insecurities around and in such a public way.


So here are a few tips to keep in mind when dressing up your curves. 
The Marilyn’s and Sophia’s of days past have turned into the Adele, Beyonce, Ashley Graham and Christina Hendricks of today and they are today’s most coveted and photographed celebrities. They are women with healthier and curvaceous body types which everyday women can relate to on some level. If you google Plus-Size models you will find some of the most beautiful women modeling in stunning editorials. Times have changed. Fashion brands have also made conscious decisions to add a plus-size to their ads but we still have a long way to go to change the way women are perceived. Even leaner runway models like Gigi Hadid has found herself bullied and fat-shamed on the internet. Yet today more often women are embracing their beautiful curves and society is taking notice. No matter how old you are or if you’re tall or more on the petite side, it’s important to own your body type and bring confidence to the table. Staying healthy is undoubtedly important, but accepting your femininity is too. Not everyone can pull off a body-hugging dress and that is ok. Sex appeal is not defined by how short the skirt or tight the dress.

  • Undergarments: The first thing to remember is that the right undergarments are the foundation to feeling comfortable & confident. We have come a long way from corsets, so embrace shapewear and find the right fit for you. Don’t feself-consciousous about using it, trust that ALL celebrities are using some type of shapewear at some red carpet event. Its quite the secret weapon to help sculpt your body under any piece of clothing and they come in all shapes, colors and for different functionalities. There are many options to pick from.
  • Color: Some things you should consider: It’s not necessary to always wear black. Yes, we all know it is the most slimming color but don’t be afraid to bring a pop of color in your closet. You can try subtle changes by adding patterns and color to shoes, handbags or even scarves. Accessorizing is the fastest way to embellish any neutral or subtle look. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful!
  • Prints: They are also great but if you are on the shorter frame side, remember to keep the prints smaller and more proportioned to you. Don’t be afraid to wear stripes just as long as they are not wide and preferably not horizontal.
  • Fit: One common mistake many women make is wearing baggy clothes to cover up excess weight. It may take some trial and error to figure this all out. Avoid anything too tight and unflattering and stay clear of extremely baggy tops. They will only make you look bigger in size. Try something that is in between. A great belt to cinch your waist always helps to create an hourglass figure.

At the end of the day just remember that what may look great on one figure may look different on you. We are all unique in our own way. Find what works best for you. Perhaps you feel your best in an A-line dress, a top and pencil skirt or your favorite look may be a pantsuit. You have the final say and just remember that women with curves have always left an unforgettable mark in history. So, One Style at a Time readers, are you a lady with curves and if so how do you accentuate your body type? Are there any famous celebrities past or present that you admire for having a more fuller body frame?