It has been a little under two years since the world and the fashion industry lost one of their biggest fashion design legends, Oscar de la Renta. Since then, his collections continue to sell and his successor, Peter Copping has done a stand-up job at keeping the level of sophistication and elegance that is true to the De la Renta brand. However, this week we learned that Peter is stepping down from his role as creative director due to personal reasons and is returning to Europe. The news spread quickly but came suddenly. Another talented and tenured creator was suddenly leaving a major fashion house. We all almost seem, surprised but not so much anymore all the same time. It seems to be the norm as of late for designers to stay with a label for just a handful of years before they are gone from that position. Nevertheless, there was still a sense of shock and sadness that the one man that was appointed by the founder, was now exiting so quickly. It will be of course interesting to see who will be the next person to take over Copping’s position. Will it be someone younger, experienced or unknown? What is the next direction for the house that Oscar built? Will the design aesthetics change from what they have always been known for? We have many questions and curiosities but for now, we will let time will tell the story. We will continue to remember the man who brilliantly executed fashion with class and a high level of taste. He believed in the beauty of a woman. He always talked about a women’s confidence and how all of this needed to be portrayed in his clothes. We miss his talent, we miss his presence in this ever-changing world of fashion. Today on what would have been his 84th birthday, we remember Oscar for all the iconic wonder that he was and for all the collections that left a mark in his legacy.

Happy Birthday Oscar de la Renta!

Photo credit: Tumblr, WWD,  Pinterest