Grace Kelly once said, “I favor pearls on screen and in my private life.” She is not alone in her love of pearls as there are many women who even in 2016 still choose pearls as a jewelry piece to wear. I have heard from several ladies that wearing pearls can feel matronly and in all honesty, it can have a conservative aesthetic. Gone are the days when pearls were only attributed to formal attire or just weddings. These days the sense is that all the rules in fashion have gone out the window, although there are some that should still prevail. Since one of the birthstones for the month of June (my birthday month) is the pearl (the other two are alexandrite and moonstone), today we are taking a closer look at how this classic gem can be worn in a more modern and even less formal way.
Pearls have been around for ages and although they can be extraordinarily expensive, today we are going to discuss the less costly ones that anyone can acquire as a fashion accessory. You can find them as one strand – short or long and also in layers. But keep in mind that today you can layer a strand of pearls with other necklaces that compliment the look. Sure a classic little black dress (LBD) and a short strand of pearl is a more formal style but these days it is not surprising to wear a t-shirt, blazer and jeans with long pearl strands. If the necklace idea feels like too much, then try just a small earring or a long dangling option. Now you can layer rings or even opt to find shoes and handbags that may have adorned pearls on them. With summer in tow and with the embellished shoe trend, it wouldn’t be surprising to find more pearlized footwear. How about a cute maxi dress or denim romper accessorized with touches of pearls which by the way, can be found not only in white but in different colors. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead, take a chance this month and channel your inner lady-like Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel or bring a bit more of an edge. Add a fashion twist that only you can fashionista! We want to know how you style your pearls. Do you use them for only formal events or have you mastered a way to wear them in a more casual way?


via BaubleBar 
via BaubleBar