The enigma of Marilyn Monroe continues on through generations and decades later. Today Norma Jean Mortenson would have turned 91 years old and is still remembered as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and an incomparable iconic fashion figure. How would Marilyn have fit into today’s celebrity obsessed culture if she were still alive? Would she be a fan of the selfie? What would her style look like in 2017? Who would be the design houses that would have the exclusive honor of dressing her today? When you think of Marilyn, you immediately think blonde, wavy bob, red lips, a coquettish demeanor and killer curves. She worked camera angles like no other and it was no secret that she was a magnet for attention with her sex appeal and charm. So many stories have been told, movies have been made and every top celebrity around the world has in some way emulated Marilyn for a magazine photo shoot or music video. She has served as inspiration for many industries including beauty, fashion, art, music and cinema. Today we honor this legend as we kick off the summer month of June. So One Style at a Time readers, how has Marilyn Monroe ever inspired your style? What were some of your favorite Marilyn style moments?