There is something quite special about witnessing a live fashion show and one of the best moments is to see a garment in action on the runway. Last week we had the pleasure of attending Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter 2016 show during NYFW. Perhaps the name sounds familiar? Leanne was the season five winner of Project Runway. She was born in Yuba City, California and now resides in New York where she continues to work on her ready to wear line and her signature bridal collection. She has also dressed some of the most elite ladies in music and Hollywood including, Carrie Underwood, Julianne Hough, Andie MacDowell and Paula Abdul among many others. Marshall’s designs are known for their feminine, timeless, light, flowing lines and this new fall collection proves to include that trademark effect. One after the other, these gowns were ethereal and just flowed as the models made their way through the runway. The show opened with some cocktail dresses in dark hues, but it wasn’t long until we started to see longer evening gowns in black, marigold, burgundy and metallics. Fanned and sheer paneled sleeves offset fitted bodices and plunging necklines. The designer played with the flowing fabrics by juxtaposing them with boots and more masculine shoe selections from shoe sponsor Mia Shoes. That was a surprising twist and really allowed the gowns to make the grander statement. We are thrilled that Leanne was able to talk to One Style at a Time regarding her new collection, inspiration and more. 
Leanne, congratulations on your FW16 runway show. It was an absolutely beautiful collection. Thank you for the invite and the opportunity to see the show in person. What was your design inspiration for this fall collection? 

I am so delighted that you could attend and they you enjoyed the show. Instead of revealing my inspiration this season, I would prefer for people to tell me what they saw in the collection. What did the garments say to you? 

Personally, the garments felt like they contained seasonal elements of nature. The gold, bronze and dark hues with all the movement were very symbolic of the winds and feel of transitions to autumn. Your gowns have so much feminine, fluid movement. Are there any particular elements or fabrics that provide inspiration in order to accomplish this technique? 

I love using fabrics with movement like silk organza and chiffon.

How does the energy of New York City influence your brand and style aesthetics? 

NYC has a profound effect on my design. All my colors choices come from what I see while I am walking around.  

Since becoming the winner of Project Runway’s season 5, how has your brand and design style evolved? 

I think more about what the consumer wants to wear and buy than highly conceptualized inspirations and collections. I put art in my designs while still allowing them to be something women want to wear.  

Finally Leanne, where do you see the Leanne Marshall brand and your designs in the future? 

Our next step is to make our designs more accessible to the public.

Thank you to Leanne and her team for this exclusive Q&A.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Byline: Neilson Barnard, Credit: Getty Images for Leanne Marshall Designs
Shoes by Mia Shoes
Hair and makeup by Aveda
YouTube Leanne Marshall video exclusive by One Style at a Time