When adapting seasonal trends to your style you will definitely find that there are some ongoing battles. Take for example the long lived debate, skinny pants vs flared. This particular discussion has recently taken a ‘new leg’ in the fashion war (pun intended). Why? Well with the famous revival of the seventies fashion trend, that bell bottom option is back on the table and going strong. In the end what you want to consider is fit, proportion and personal preference. The upside to the skinny vs flared pant argument is that women have options and that is always a bonus. However, many have been adamant that the flared jean is best worn with a heeled shoe and how many ladies want to be restricted with a single type of shoe ratio to pants right? Also, if you are curvy and petite the flared jean may not be as flattering since it may not elongate your frame as much. Skinny jeans have for some time been a favorite since you can wear them with pretty much any top. Versatility is always a plus and skinnies can be worn with heels or flats and can be found at any price point these days. So fashionistas, we leave it up to you to tell us what is your personal preference. Do you like the strong revival of the flared jean or will  you be sticking to your skinny jeans for fall?

Rock It! High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

Set # 526 / Isabel Marant Ren embroidered silk mini dress