Comfort is certainly a main factor when it comes to summer clothing. It’s tough to imagine not being able to wear shorts, a summer dress, t-shirts, capris and of course maxi dresses. However, unless your are blessed with great height and long Gisele Bundchen legs there might be a bit of a challenge with fit. The key is to find prints that are small and won’t swallow up your petite frame or even worse make you look short and frumpy. So stay clear from large bold florals or exuberant dots and stripes. Remember, a lot of tricks with fashion and styling has to do with tricking the naked eye. If from the beginning the maxi dress is just too long then you should try one of two things; a great pair of wedge heels or a visit to your local tailor. Yes, unfortunately you may have to pay a few extra dollars to get that fabulous maxi hemmed to fit just right. You certainly don’t want to risk taking a tumble and being called fashion roadkill (hello Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City episode ‘The Real Me’, circa 2001). If the length is a slight problem maybe a great heel can help give you that slight needed boost. It’s all about elongating that body frame so opt for solid colors, a v-neck and stay clear from tent like silhouettes.

The final stage is accessorizing this great maxi with either a floppy hat, the right pair of over-sized sunglasses and some pieces of jewelry to bring up the sparkle factor. You will feel like a sleek, elegant summer goddess. Need some ideas? Scroll below and of course comments are welcome. If you know anyone that could use some of these tips, feel free to share the link fashionistas!




Summer Maxi Dress Look

Summer Maxi Dress Look by onestyleatatime featuring a nail polish

Photo credit: Macys, Kohls, ASOS, Chico’s, Lands’ End