If you have thumbed through any of the 2015 fashion magazines then you may have noticed that models, celebrities and the runways have had a strong denim presence as of late. Of course jeans are considered an all American staple, but the ‘trend’ is one of the most buzzed about recently. Gone are the days when denim was put into the casual style category. Not anymore, especially with so the range of styles, shades of blue and even colored denim. You can make it as laid back as you like or dress it up to give it a more polished look. Take a look at how how Olivia Palermo makes her denim look chic and feminine. So fashion readers do you have a preference when it comes to wearing denim? Do you gravitate toward dark or lighter hues? Are ripped jeans an option for you? How about denim overalls, jackets, accessories? We invite you to comment below and share your jean go-to’s. Make sure you don’t miss any up and coming Monday posts by following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. All the social buttons and links are listed to the right on the home page. 


Denim by onestyleatatime featuring rebecca minkoff handbags


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