Shopping for a Mother’s Day gift can be really easy or a bit overwhelming. They key is to consider the Mom you are shopping for, her needs, preference and your budget. You already know that One Style at a Time is always on the lookout for new, innovative and exciting brands and high quality products. The primary goal is to get that special Mom a gift that will make her feel special and appreciated on her day. Here are some fabulous, stylish and affordable ideas that you should consider if you are still pondering on what to purchase for May 10th. Happy Shopping fashion readers!

1. Zoe Chicco small two circles bracelet, $90

2. Zoe Chicco 14K tiny heart outline ring, $150

3. Arthur and Livingston Benedict jasper pendant, $48

4. Natori Truffle Basketweave Robe, $130

5. Ann Taylor Exotic Embossed Mini Bucket Bag, $118

6. Ann Taylor Bumble Bee Honeycomb Necklace $69.50