Four years ago One Style at a Time was born with a dream to find its place in the blogosphere, grow and evolve. Today it’s a source of reference and inspiration for many from New York, Russia, France, Spain, China and beyond. Milestones like today are very special for bloggers because like any anniversary its a time of reflection. You think back on all the different chapters and phases of your work, how far you have come and of course what is next.
Personally, I am proud beyond words of this blog and to sit here typing about a fourth year is pretty incredible. To have this amount of longevity in 2015 where there are a million blogs about ‘fashion’ is not easy.  Like any blogger you have some knock it out of the park moments and other times when all you hear are well, crickets. There are days when you can’t help but wonder, “Am I really going to continue? Now what am I going to write about? Should I just pack up my leopard print bag and say adios amigos?” Of course! We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t question our passions and purpose in anything that is meaningful to us. Then you shake it off, step away from the computer and come back with a fresh pair of eyes. So today I am very grateful for getting to add one more year to my blogging journey and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing readers. Yes, YOU all have helped make this moment even more special and possible. I can’t thank you enough for visiting the blog, leaving your comments here, on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and the Facebook fan page. Your visits and comments contribute to a large part of this blog’s success.  In retrospect so many great moments were a part of this past year, from launching a new blog layout to attending New York Fashion week for an 8th season. A major highlight of course was being a fashion panelist for the Huffington Post Live and contributing to the conversation with world-renowned fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. Also this past year One Style at a Time was presented with its first opportunity for a product review among other brand partnerships.

Today I am humbled by the experience and support of so many that have taken time from their valuable and busy lives to click, visit and make this blog the success it is today. I invite you to share what topics have been a favorite in the past and which you would like to see published here in the near future. Thank you for allowing me to contribute to the fashion conversation. Cheers!

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With much gratitude.


Dedication: This blog post is dedicated to my style inspiration then and now, my late mother Sabina and to my brave, kind and loving father Segundo who passed away on October 2014.