Edge and Elegance at Mathieu Mirano’s Spring ’15 Collection

Day one at New York Fashion Week took us to Hell’s Kitchen for the Mathieu Mirano Spring 2015 presentation. As you walked into the studio the room was beaming with sunlight with an all white background, while the models were surrounded with a few floral arrangements. The simplicity of this display allowed for the designs to take center stage. The palette was mostly black, white, ivory with some touches of red, orange and yellow but with standout nods to architecture and nature. The pieces were elegant with just enough edge to show Mathieu’s distinguished craftsmanship. It was all about the details in every garment. The collection included rubberized cotton in laser grid patterns and the tailoring was impeccable.There was a sense of playfulness and coquettishness but with high sophistication in every dress, jacket, skirt and top. With this collection Mirano has captivated our attention with his innovative, modern point of view and while peaking our curiosity as to what is next. So who is the Matthieu Mirano woman? The designer explains

“The Matthieu Mirano woman is not the sexy secretary. She’s the boss. This is a woman who is extremely thoughtful in regards to her fashion choices. She has a sexiness that is never vulgar”. 

At 23 years old, New York-based designer, Mathieu Mirano is a force to be reckoned with. Since making his debut at New York Fashion Week at the age of 19, Mirano has already established himself as one of America’s most talented designers. Known for his appreciation of detail, high level of craftsmanship and restrained elegance, Mirano is all about creation and innovation. His designs, often inspired by natural wonders both large and small, are a marriage of fashion and science. Employing French couture techniques on classic silhouettes, the emerging designer then adds that unexpected edge that can only be found in the Mathieu Mirano world. And like his designs, Mirano’s muse is confident, bold and thoughtful in her fashion choices. Mathieu Mirano’s innovative creations, which debut each season during New York Fashion Week, have been worn by countless celebrities and continue to illicit excitement from top-tier fashion publications across the globe. For additional information on Mathieu Mirano, please visit www.MathieuMirano.com

*Special thanks to Mathieu Mirano for the show invite and for the collection images.