Remembering Princess Grace

I would like to take a brief fashion week pause in remembrance of a woman who epitomized class, poise, talent and beauty. I am referring to Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. It’s hard to believe that it is now 29 years later of her passing. Although the decades have gone by, she continues to delight us with archives of her photos, movies and so much more. 
In the fashion and film industries she is very well respected and honored. I can’t help remembering how much admiration my mother had for Grace when I was growing up. Her dresses and popular hair styles were always an inspiration for my mother. Even more so in the 80’s when many times she was pictured wearing a braided up do. That was one of my mother’s favorite looks in her later years as well. It’s hard not to miss a woman that was royalty not only in Monaco but in our nation as well. She represented great style and elegance. Today we honor her and revive her memory and legacy. Let’s look back at some truly timeless images of a Princess that lives on forever. 

Courtesy of LIFE magazine