Bon Jour Fall Season!

Hello fashion readers,

It has been quite a busy time for Fashionistas all around. New York Fashion Week wrapped up and we transitioned overseas to London and Milan’s fashion week. There has definitely been beautiful designs presented for Spring/Summer 2012.  You can also visit the  One Style at a Time Facebook Fanpage where a new album has been created to highlight some breathtaking Fashion week collections. I also want to send out a special mention to our brand new contributing fashion week photographer Jose L. Cartagena. You can view his work also here: JLCFLIX Photography 

Although the runways were busy with amazing spring ready to wear, lets not forget today is the first day of Fall. By far one of my favorite seasons, not only because of the milder weather but because together it brings the best season of FASHION!
It’s an inspring time for those that like to shop for coats, hats, suits, handbags, boots, scarves and so much more. From layering clothes to playing around with different textures, autumn has a special way of enhancing our closets. What are you favorite pieces in the Fall? Is there anything you look forward to showcasing this year, a new bag or shoe? I welcome your comments and feedback on what inspires your fashion during fall. I’ld like to share some of mine here with you.