Dressing the Dress Form

From sewing rooms, to shabby chic decor dress forms have long been a staple part of the Fashion Industry. I remember my years in Fashion school and using the dress form in my draping and sewing classes. It is always a great tool to use when trying to manipulate a fabric or desired shape and fit.  The dress form has always been indispensable in high fashion houses and so important for client fittings as well. So today, the world has evolved and so has the use of this famous mannequin.

You may have seen the dress form used in window displays, in stationary, arts and crafts stores and even as decoration at home. It’s always such a great signature piece for any Fashionista. This is why I chose to include this classic silhouette in my blog header.  Do you have any dress forms in your home? Have you ever used one for fittings or just for art projects?