Coming Soon: “Center Stage with…”

I wanted to share with you a new feature theme post that is coming to One Style at a Time. Coming soon is “Center Stage with…”

Here, I will bring one fashion designer to the center stage and discuss their career highlights. It’s my way of paying tribute to some very talented and favorite Fashion Designers and their work. In this day of age of celebrity fashion lines and Internet information overload, we tend to forget the mastery and unique quality that is the designer’s craft. The hours of study or work dedicated to sketching, pattern making, draping, and trying to execute a design is overlooked at times. Before a collection is brought to a showroom or even a runway the designer and his or her team have arduous hours of labor beforehand. Years of hard work and a business savvy sense are just some elements that come into play for a successful fashion career. Look for regular posts to come your way with information on Fashion Designers that have strongly influenced the runways and inspired so many styles in the past and present. Do you have any favorites you would like to have featured? Stop by soon where you will find one a favorite Designer in the spotlight and center stage.

Coco Chanel at work

Carolina Herrera in the Studio

James Galanos

Domenico Dolce & Gabbana
Ralph Rucci
Oscar de la Renta