The wonders of Hats for Spring!

There are so many ways to transform a look this spring and summer. A great way to jazz up an outfit is accessorizing it with a great Hat. For a very long time now it has been one of my personal favorite accessories.
Who also doesn’t remember the presence of hats in so many great classic movies and how elegant they looked.
Hats have gained so much popularity for both men and women, and the demand is just growing even more these days. There truly are hats for many occasions and personalities. When you are looking for one in particular take into account your personal style. Is the look you are going for casual, retro, trendy etc. With wearing the right hat comes a certain “attitude” so find the right one and get ready to strut your stuff. From the runway to the streets, this season you will find fedoras, cowboy, pork pie and  floppy hats are just some favorites. From styling your look to just covering from the sun here are some ideas to get you started. Remember to take it.. One Style at a Time!