Celebrating Women’s Day

It’s always inspiring to see women all over the world be recognized in so many ways. Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and will likely see trending hashtags such as #WomensDay and #adaywithoutwomen. The ‘Day Without Women’ is a movement where according to the Women’s March website, ” is to recognize the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socioeconomic system, while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurity.” YouTube has also created the #HerVoiceIsMyVoice channel to also celebrate and honor international women around the world. 

In my book, women’s day is every single day of the calendar year. I come from a family lineage of strong, nurturing, caring and tenacious women. I learned so much from listening and watching these women speak their mind and make a difference in the lives of those around them. My mother Sabina was one of the biggest influences in my life and in the lives of all her children. She had a keen intuition and sense of wisdom, but most of all she had heart and strength like no one I knew. The young little country girl who lost her parents at a very young age had to grow up quickly and find her way in life. She later became the loving family matriarch in the big city of New York. She was a devoted mother and a wife who never allowed anyone to shut down her opinion (and boy did she have one). She showed me to always stand my ground and never allow anyone to take my power away. She had integrity, grace and much pride. This didn’t mean she didn’t have her softer moments. As much as she was a stern disciplinarian, she also had an enormous heart and in turn, that is the measure of being a great women. You can have high standards, be assertive and vocal about your point of view. But in the end, you can be compassionate and kind hearted towards others. I am proud to be in solidarity with all women today and so enormously proud to have come from an immigrant family. I dedicate this post to my incredible Mother who is no longer with us and to all the women who came before us and helped shape the world. To those women who broke down barriers, broke glass ceilings, put fear to the side and carved out a piece of history to ensure we could have a better tomorrow. We not only wear red in celebration of this honorable day, but we say ‘Thank You’ to all these women that have made a difference in our lives. Just remember that a women’s armor and strength comes directly from her heart.


‘M’ is for Menswear Style That Inspires Women’s Fashion

Menswear style has impacted women’s style for hundreds of years. Women have taken on menswear style in versatile ways and now it is part of the most favorite looks seen from street style to the runway. It was the year 1966 when Yves Saint Laurent introduced the world to the tuxedo style ‘smoking jacket’ for women and infusing sex appeal to it. The fluidity between men and women’s style have grown even more so in past decades with androgyny type fashion on red carpets, movies (hello ‘Annie Hall’) and in the music scene as well. Let’s face it, trousers can be as sexy as a pencil skirt if worn the right way. We know that fashion icon Coco Chanel embraced the look without reservations in her days back in the early 1920s. Legends of Old Hollywood like Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Deitrich and Rita Hayworth all embraced a sweater or button down top with trousers. This look was just as chic as all their glamorous floor length gowns and fur stoles. There is something really effortless when it comes to a confident woman wearing a classic, well-tailored pantsuit. We loved the idea actress Evan Rachel Wood had this year about only wearing pantsuits throughout the award season. She recently said, “I promised myself this year that I would wear a suit to every awards show. I think I myself felt pressure a lot of times that I had to look or dress a certain way, and especially growing up with the industry. So I thought, you know, I’m just gonna go the other way and reach out to a little girl who is like me, possibly. So that’s what I’m going for this year,” she concluded, “It’s all about choice. Choice. Options.”  We are with you Ms. Wood and believe women should always go for options and be authentic.  So we agree, menswear inspiration is a look that will last a lifetime and worth having some fun with. So fashionistas, have you ever taken inspiration from the boys closet to change up your style be it in a suit or a more casual laid back way?


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2017 Golden Globes Fashion Winners of the Night

Awards season has officially commenced. This weekend the Golden Globes opened up their red carpet and the A-listers came marching down in their Sunday best. It was a night to celebrate and honor some of Hollywood’s best work in television, film and music. With so many great shows on television, Amazon and Netflix the competition was fierce to say the least. For a few years now, the big screen is not the only option for great entertainment. Of course, there were some films that stood out for their numerous nominations like ‘La La Land’ and ‘Moonlight’. It will be an interesting race to the Oscars which will be held this year on Sunday, February 26th (Oscar nominations are announced on January 24th). The full list of awards season schedule can be found here.

Now on to why we are here, the red carpet fashion! It was a night of glitz and glamour as only Hollywood’s elite knows how to present. There were some very obvious trends like the always classic black, plunging and daring necklines, black and white but yellow was the winning bold color of the night. Metallics and silver were once again making waves among many actresses who wanted to bring their full on sparkle. The makeup was vampy and darker. There was definitely variety on Sunday night as some went lighter and natural with the makeup and others went with a bolder lip. It seemed like every shade of pink was also a fashion trend but our favorite of the night was Lily Collins (see below). We can’t wait to see what the rest of the award season red carpet will be like for 2017. Congratulations to all the winners. Fashionistas, what a way to start the new year. We want to hear from you and what were some of your favorite looks of the nights. Yes, there were also some bad ones (Nicole Kidman, Sophie Turner, Felicity Jones). Here are our fashion winners!

Best in Yellow: Viola Davis in Michael Kors Natalie Portman in Prada Reese Witherspoon in Custom Atelier Versace

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Is it a turtleneck? Does the choker piece come with the top or are they separate? Well, for all those that are lovers of the choker, that infamous 90s trend – here is something sliding up on the trending charts. We are seeing more of the choker tops making a big wave. This look is quite versatile since you can easily wear it to the office with slacks or a pencil skirt. On the weekends, all you need is your favorite pair of denim jeans and you are all set. Long sleeves or sleeveless, in jumpers or a dress the choker top automatically gives you that statement look without having to look for an additional accessory. To have the outfit already come with a neckpiece through the cooler fall months, well that’s a bonus in itself! Celebrities have already been seen everywhere donning this look and it’s caught the eye of top brands and stores. Are you ready to get on board with the choker top this season?


Maya Bar Neck Bodysuit with Stud and Choker Detail, ASOS

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